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Everyone loves things that look new, smell new, and feel new.  I mean, there are even ways to purchase a ‘new car smell’ in a can and cleaning products that restore that ‘brand new’ feel to almost everything.  For this reason, I find it wildly amusing that oil rubbed bronze hardware has become wildly popular.  Because after all, one of the most obvious goals of oil rubbed bronze hardware is to create a somewhat antique or weathered look- which is, of course, in stark contrast to the feeling of ‘new’ that is so coveted.  Nevertheless, I can’t help but jump on the oil rubbed bronze bandwagon.  I mean, its deep color is so luxurious, its texture so unique that the same finish can feel entirely smooth in some designs and downright grainy in other pieces.

After scouring the market (which, I must admit, was more of a scavenger hunt than a chore), I’ve identified my top 10 favorite pieces of oil rubbed bronze hardware.  Rated on price, color tone and style, here are my recommendations for oil rubbed bronze hardware:

1- 3″ Pull by Top Knobs, Item M1215.  I love this piece because it is fairly priced, remarkably smooth and has a rather modern design despite its old world finish.

2- 3 ¾” Pull by Top Knobs, Item M1197.  This pull is slightly larger than the standard 3″ pull and is shockingly contemporary for something made from oil rubbed bronze.  I love, love, love it.

Pull 3 3/4'' CC in Oil Rubbed Bronze

3- 3″ Blackrock Pull by Amerock, Item #55275-ORB.  The height on this solid pull sets it apart from similar designs.

4-  Blackrock Pendant Pull by Amerock, Item #55274-ORB.  This pull is a great complement to the Backrock pull or a fabulous addition to any bedroom furniture all on its own!

5- 3″ Cup Pull by Belwith, Item #K343-10B.  I appreciate the design of this cup pull because it will match both modern and traditional rooms.

CUP PULL, 3'' Centers

6-  64mm Cup Pull by Liberty Hardware, Item #PN0601-OB-C.  This cup pull has a dainty edge and a ruggedly weathered look that gets better with age.

7- 19mm Milk Bottle Knob by Liberty Hardware, Item #PN0248-OB-C.  The cute style of this knob and a price under $5 a piece makes this Milk Bottle cabinet knob extremely delicious.

8- 3″ Pull by Top Knobs, Item #M964.  The wide bases of this pull remind me of an old-fashioned telephone and are great for covering scratches if using this cabinet pull as a replacement on existing cabinetry.

9- 18″ Appliance Pull by Top Knobs, Item #M797-18.  The shape of this oil rubbed bronze appliance pull is both sleek and chic- it may cost a bit more than other appliance pulls, but it’s probably worth it!

18 Inch Door Pull in Oil Rubbed Bronze

10- Round-Off knob by Anne at Home in Rubbed Bronze finish, Item #1092.  While this item isn’t technically made of oil rubbed bronze, the rubbed bronze finished and the textured design of the knob provide a genuine look and feel.