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Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas (Part 1)

Posted on: September 16, 2009

Let’s be honest for a moment- have you ever used the public handicapped bathroom to avoid the discomfort of using a cramped bathroom stall? I know that I have- or, more often than not, I’m secretly relieved to have a child in a stroller with me which can only fit into the larger bathroom stall. The sad truth is that small bathrooms in both public areas and private homes are often the least preferred when other options are available. Maybe it’s because there’s something luxurious about a large bathroom, or because small bathrooms often seem more like a cramped closet than a space to be used and enjoyed. Still, as anyone who has ever lived in a small apartment can tell you, small bathrooms are still a critical part of most homes- and they deserved to be decorated with love and care. That’s why I felt it necessary to take a moment to offer some small bathroom decorating ideas that can tranform this neglected space from a functional area to a fashionable one.

The first thing to consider undertaking a small bathroom decorating project is what functions your bathroom needs to fulfill. Do you need a shower stall or bathtub in there? Do you need storage space? Does a window provide light but take away valuable wall space?

One of the most obvious small bathroom decorating ideas is to consider replacing a full bathtub with a shower stall (even one that is larger than standard size). This will create more space instantly and make your small bathroom feel significantly larger. Next, remove anything from your bathroom that is not absolutely critical. Do you have a footstool taking up valuable floor space, but a child who seldom uses the small bathroom? Do you have a large piece of art taking up valuable wall space? The key to successful small bathroom decorating is to choose every item in the room with a minimalist eye, so that each piece has an impact without overwhelming the space. Choose small pieces of artwork (maybe 1-3 photographs or prints of your choosing) instead of a large portrait. Consider an over-the-toilet storage rack instead of a freestanding cabinet which may close in the space.

Of course, picking the right color scheme is also a fundamental part of small bathroom decorating. While dark colors may make the space feel smaller, light colors and warm colors will reflect the light well and create a more spacious feel. If you do feel strongly about having a dark color, add it on only one wall instead of painting the entire room. Or, consider a patterned or sponge-painted design that blends your favorite color with a lighter one. A final (and easy!) small bathroom decorating idea is to replace your dingy or dark shower curtain with a lighter style or with transparent shower doors. Getting rid of a dark shower curtain will instantly add depth to the space (inexpensively).

Stay tuned for more small bathroom decorating ideas- coming soon. Or, feel free to share your favorite tips with us!


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